• 1971-1978 Member of various orchestras.
  • 1976-1978 Member of Marburger Konzertchor and Frankfurter Madrigalensemble (Conductor Siegfried Heinrich)
  • 1986-now Solo concerts and concerts with various ensembles (2e2m, Arttt, BICE, DIN A Testbild, Kanal XX, Poltergeist, Trance-Formation, United Berlin, WhEB, Niet…)
  • 1989-1992 Member of Ensemble Opera Brut Berlin with Nina Goede, Daniel Werts and Ulrich Krieger.
  • 2007-now Member of CLSI in Paris.

Publications and awards

  •  1987 Participation on the Berliner Elektroniknacht Sampler with the piece “Stipvisite”.
  • 1988 Award for the piece „This is not just a demo…“ from the German Keyboards magazin
  • 1988 Award for the piece ‚I sorgente calde di Pantelleria‘ at the Computermusic workshop of the Audiowerkstatt Berlin.
  • 1989 CD Polyrische Variationen, published by Badland Records France.
  • 1990 Participation on the Berliner Elektroniknacht CD with the piece „Willkommen zur Berliner Elektroniknacht CD“
  • 1993 Silver Amadeus at Musik Kreativ for the piece „Industrial Dreaming“ with the ensemble Poltergeist (Ulrich Krieger, Stefan Tiedje, Marlen Liebau, Andreas Rentsch).
  • 1998 about 140 CD’s as one of a kind of approximatly one hour of the sound installation „tRAFFIC? nOCHANCE! „
  • 1998 14 CDs as one of a kind of 1 hour of the sound installation „Holz als Weg?“
  • 1999 Participation on the Max/MSP CD with „Holz als Weg?“ (the patch with sounds)
  • 1999-now St.ools and abhaXions libraries for Max/MSP.
  • 2009 Coauthor for “Spectral Tools for Dynamic Tonality and Audio Morphing” Computer Music Journal Vol. 33 No. 2

Work Experience


  • 1966-1975 learned violin and basic musical skills.
  • 1973 Outward Bound Mountain School, Ulswater, Great Britain.
  • 1976-1979 studied physics at Philipps University Marburg.
  • 1979-1988 studied electrical engineering, acoustics, musicology and philosophy at TU-Berlin.

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