Opéra Brut with …my mont d’or @ Harvestworks in NYC

Searching for peace in troubled times

The feature film “my Mont d’or” is a project of Nina Goede, which is based on impressions of various travels to her European roots. She collected video material, made interviews, visited found people (as opposed to found objects) from the internet with their own stories. Editing the rough cut material from the shooting will lead to the final poetic narration of the film.
Stefan Tiedje aka „Tj Shredder“ had been asked to create a soundtrack for a first cut. As a dedicated improviser he loaded the original sounds of the film into his „Ondes Memoriélles“ a computer program he made on his own. By granulating the sound he improvise a new soundtrack to the images. As this worked out extremely well, the idea was born to bring this process live on stage.
Improvising within a performance in front of an audience does add another level of inspiration to the music. As Stefan Tiedje is using excessively spatialized sound, by composing for more than the usual two speakers, these grains and clouds of sound will be spread all over the place…
The upcoming life performance in front of an audience ,will have an impact to the final editing process. It will also influence the plot of the story. The combination of sound and images with live electronics, voice and text is one essential inspiration for the ongoing production of the feature film…
The interplay from projected images, video and original sound footage in a creative dialogue is an opportunity developing the plot of the film The performance is a kind of brainstorming before the final editing process.

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